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Automotive tint is back by a nationwide lifetime warranty (as long as the film used meets the state code in which the vehicle is registered) for as long as you own the vehicle. However, a majority of the tint repair work I perform comes from clients that seek out repairs on shoddy work that was done by less careful and experienced window tinting companies. This is something that commonly happens when inexperienced tinting occurs.

Tint repair should not be overlooked. If you have had a less than stellar experience with a window tinting professional, it is understandable that you might resist calling in another company to make repairs, but it is imperative that you do so. Tint malfunctions can lead to all of the added costs, security concerns, and unattractiveness that you were trying to avoid by having the tinting done in the first place.

With decades of experience in the window tinting industry, I am able to quickly and effectively execute a tint repair on any type of window, and that repair will look great and provide all the security and safety measures originally intended by having the glass tinted.

Window tinting and tint repair can make your life so much more comfortable and safe than you probably realized, and it can be done for a reasonable price and time frame. Enjoy all of the many benefits glass tinting has to offer when you get in touch with me directly at Victory Glass Tinting in the Fayetteville, NC and surrounding areas.

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